The Bernice Foundation's 2024 Strategic Initiatives

The Bernice Foundation’s (TBF) Initiatives reflect the founder’s passion for and commitment to:

In May of 2023, The The Bernice Foundation held its first event, a mental wellbeing summit. The summit was very successful.  Throughout 2024, with the support of others, we will organize events around the country to address the 2024 initiatives. Yes, they were big, but as our founder says, “Dream Big or stay at home”.


Urawarrior app is a safe, inclusive community where you are not alone. It is a mental wellness mobile app that will provide you the necessary tools to change your mindset, learn new habits, challenge yourself, and speak with experts. The Urawarrior app will help you develop a personalized plan for yourself with our four pillars: Personal development, self-improvement, motivation and support.





When you feel better, you look better. When you take control of your health from the inside out, you obtain your desired outcomes. We will have a day of pampering and a career day of helping at-risk young adults from the age of 18 to 22.  At this age in their life, it is a crucial time to get the support, motivation, and encouragement that is needed to establish their future goals. This event will be a day of professional coaching, therapy, beauty image making, hair styling, and receiving support from role models. We will have a tracking system for six months, staying connected to the participants providing the support and resources needed to accomplish their goals.


We want to work with at-risk communities and youth to learn about technology and how to grow and develop their own start up. Technology is growing at a rapid rate and individuals need to learn and establish skills in this fast-growing industry if they want to be on the forefront of this industry. We want at-risk individuals and youth from prisons, juvenile detention centers, high schools, and from underprivileged neighborhoods to learn and develop skill sets in business, technology, computer programming, and marketing.


What better way to help women who are going through treatment and dealing with the stressors of breast cancer than to have a Warrior Woman Winning support team for healthy eating and living. It is a known fact and statistics show that those who exercise and eat right have a better chance of survival, but many people are not aware of this. Most women who battle this disease keep doing the same non-productive things repeatedly but it is time to change their behavior. We offer support groups, motivational talks, meditation sessions online and offline, coaching sessions, nutrition plans, and online and offline fitness sessions. We want to help you live a healthy life.


The Unstoppable Warrior Awards Gala will be a yearly awards conference/gala. It will honor men and women in business, healthcare, STEM fields who are helping and supporting other men and women. This yearly event will be in line with URAWarrior’s four pillars: Personal development, self improvement, motivation and support.  


We want to work with at-risk communities and youth to learn about technology and learn how to grow and develop their own start up business. Technology is now growing at a rapid rate and individuals need to learn and establish skills relative to this fast-growing industry if they want to be on the forefront of technological advances. We want at-risk individuals and youth from prison, juvenile detention, high schools and from underprivileged neighborhoods to learn and develop a skill set relative to starting a business, growing a business, technology, programming, and marketing.

Aspire, Inspire, and Motivate

Aspire, Inspire, and Motivate (AIM) women is a program for women who experienced Sex Trafficking. This program will gather therapists, coaches, experts, relationship coaches, and self-love coaches for a day of empowerment for self-love. We will provide guided work activities, self-love projects, and resources for community re-integration.  


This is our program for teenage girls to young adults who have been through sex trafficking, homelessness, emotional and physical abuse, and kidnapped. Our LOVE YOURSELF DAY will bring one hundred women who are experts, coaches, and counselors together for a day of unity, trust, uplifting, and knowledge sharing. The event will be held at a spa or bed and breakfast. During the event, the ladies will partake in massages, mani- and pedicures, and meet with image and hair consultants to rejuvenate themselves. Sessions will include teaching the ladies how to love themselves, how to support each other, and how to build partnerships. Training also includes continuous support, webinars, books, worksheets, small group discussions and more. The spa day kicks off a one-year training cohort, which also includes working with coaches and experts on the mental health app URAWARRIOR to learn about personal development and self-improvement.


Many social inequities are happening around the world and our founder, Bershan Shaw, wants to be at the forefront of change. In America, there is racism and a disproportionate number of youth who are not getting proper education and guidance. They are being left out of industries like technology and engineering, and are much more likely to be incarcerated than their Caucasian counterparts. The Bernice Foundation’s goal is to provide 200 scholarships each year to assist with tuition for education and programs that address equal opportunity. We will bring awareness to unconscious bias that affects at-risk youth because of their background, social class, economic status, and ethnicity. Our Jumpstart program is an after-school program, that will train and educate youth in civil rights, self-esteem, and public speaking.  The training sessions will be focused on the fields of law and the justice system, business, and technology. Children in high risk communities need more than the information from these sessions.  They need mentors, counselors, and coaches who care about them and want them to succeed. We pledge to bring in 10,000 kids into our jumpstart program. The program will require a one-year commitment from each student, coach, mentor, and counselor. One year to help our youth heal, learn, grow, and become successful citizens.  


Uplift Veterans is our program to give Veterans a platform to express themselves. We want to rally veterans all around America to get them to speak up, talk about the issues they are facing, and identify how to address their specific issues with coaching, counseling, and therapy. There is no greater cause than helping a Veteran get back to a positive and productive life. We will have online weekly training and coaching for a year to support, train, teach and educate. The coaching and training we will provide will identify their mental state, determine the type of assistance need, and offer group and one-on-one coaching, mentoring, and counseling sessions. The Bernice Foundation wants Veterans to share their stories and we will take those stories to produce books to share Veterans’ experiences. These stories will help the world understand what Veterans sacrificed for our country.  Veterans deserve our support!

“To impact 1 million people in communities across America to remove the stigma and shame associated with mental health.”